100 Step Cemetery - Brazil, Indiana

100 Step Cemetery - At midnight, if you walk up the stairs on the grassy side of the cemetery, there are graves dating back to the 1860s all around. On one's way up you count the steps. When you reach the top, you must turn toward the open field and the ghost of the cemetery's first undertaker will appear. Without saying anything he will reveal the climbers own death to them in a vision. The hiker MUST proceed down the steps, counting them again. If they do not get the same number as they counted before then they will die the way they saw but if they do the vision was wrong. If anyone dares to try to reach the top or level ground by not using the steps, they will be pushed to the ground by a phantom hand which will leave a red imprint on the persons back for several days so those who see it can see the mark of the Devil.  Another version goes like this, Carpenter's Cemetery lies just west of 340 and US 40 on CR 675. Locally it is better known as 100 steps. Legend has it that, on the darkest nights when you can't see your hand in front of you, you can walk up the broken steps of this cemetery and count 100 steps. As you walk down, you can count only 99. Its a hard trick to do when there are only 60 or so steps there any other time. The night must be total and you must not be able to see where you step. Legend tells of those trying to walk beside the steps on the ground and of people being knocked down hard to the ground with handprints appearing on their chest. The legend continues that if you are able to safely navigate the steps in the pitch of darkness and make the magical count, then that night before the rise of the sun, the spirit of the original caretaker will make known to you the manner of your death."

Location: Just off 675 W north of Brazil, IN if driving on Highway 40. If your heading west its before the Marathon station. Tun left on 675 W. and drive 1/4 a mile or so and its around a corner on your left side. Its located on a hill, but the steps start at the road.

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